Wednesday, June 17, 2009

From the Dog Haus

Monday afternoon drive-by at Woody's

He heard the firecracker gunfire from the kitchen. From his front porch he saw a car speed past. He called the police.

I drove over with three dogs about an hour after it happened.I couldnt get through my usual route. Yellow caution tape blocked us from turning right onto Hurst. I couldnt tell if it happened at Woody's house. After he didnt answer his phone, he peaked his head around the corner from the neighbor's yard and told me to drive around from the other block. Women and children were gathered in small groups on the corners and old men talked on their porches. The reverend walked along the side of the church talking on his cell phone, After Woody talked to a policewoman, she told him that he shouldn't let them congregate like they had recently started to do.

The corner has a history of congregation, Woody had told me a couple of months prior. The corner used to be bad with drugs, but had quieted down with the purchase and renovation of a blighted home nearby and the re-opening of a baptist church that was badly damaged by Katrina tornado forces. The only activity I had seen these past few months from Woody's front porch were a couple of Sunday morning and Wednesday evening services and a funeral. Last weekend, however, I saw a large group of young people hanging out in and around the empty corner lot across from the church.

The red car located at the top of the image has a shattered rear window and at least one flat tire.

Happened again yesterday, Tuesday afternoon. The police caught some kid, but then had to let him go because he didnt have anything on him. No one was hurt.

Woody lives right off River Road, and I am starting to think this road is a good get-away route.

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