Thursday, May 29, 2008

Prytania Street Haiku

According to Wikipedia:
In English, haiku are usually written in three lines to equate to the three parts of a haiku in Japanese that traditionally consist of five, seven, and then five on (the Japanese count sounds, not syllables; for example, the word "haiku" itself counts as three sounds in Japanese (ha-i-ku), but two syllables in English (hai-ku), and writing seventeen syllables in English produces a poem that is actually quite a bit longer, with more content, than a haiku in Japanese).

A world of dew,
and within every dewdrop
a world of struggle

My second ever driving-through-a-flood-experience

May 22 Flood on Clearview

I was out in Harahan shopping for The Movie when the rain came down in buckets. Soon the parking lot at K-Mart was flooded, and employees and a few shoppers watched and waited from the entrance/exit doors. I heard one of them laugh at my jazz fest galoshes when I hopped through the water towards the car. When I backed out of the parking lot, I heard an awful noise and discovered I had just wrecked into a floating shopping cart.

Just after I shot this video, a suburban came speeding by, dumping a huge wake into my car and onto me. There was still water in the cupholders the next morning, There is a sound the car starts to make in this video that remains, a high-pitched, rusty-sounding whine. I think it f-uped
the power steering but I am not worried because it is a production rental.