Sunday, February 17, 2008

Monday, February 11, 2008

Mardi Gras

It seemed like the parades were endless, and I really couldnt believe all of the people.

By Fat Tuesday, my stomach was in ruins and I was exhausted. I woke up early to join Ashley and Olga for the 8 am parade! I wore the wrong shoes as I didnt really imagine walking so far. From the parades on St. Charles, I hiked to forever in my high heeled boots and my video camera that had already run out of battery. We walked to the Bridge Lounge and waited for the brass band to show up. Once that music started, it was easy to get marching on down the road. This was the Jewlu parade, an unescorted and unofficial rag-tag line that originated at Bridge Lounge, and continued up Magazine, under the hwy, across Canal, through the French Quarter, and finally to the marigny. After One-Eyed Jacks in the quarter (they continued on to dba), I took a $16 cab home , and went to bed early with the chills. Agh, Ash Wednesday.

Last Saturday, Tiffany and I took Reddy to the Toth parade on Magazine Street only because we were in Ashley's front yard. We needed the option for shelter in case the excitement became too much to handle (for the dog). There were some close calls with flying beads, with some aggressive beads I should add, so I moved him to the porch. The loud music and the horses were making him pant. I will never take him to a parade UNLESS WE ARE IN IT!

Carmen, my five-year old friend in Shreveport told her mother after the Highland parade, "Next year I dont want to be catching the beads, I want to be on the float throwing 'em!"